Here’s a list of poets—then and now, so to speak—whose work I especially like.  It’s a highly selective list, representing a subset of a much larger storehouse on my shelves.  Alphabetical by last name.  Longtime favorites in bold.

Auden,  W.H.

Axelsson, Sun

Baraka, Amiri

Basho, Matsuo

Baudelaire, Charles

Bishop, Wendy

Brautigan, Richard

Bukowski, Charles

Burns, Robert

Cervantes, James

Chin, Marilyn

Clark, Kevin

Conoley, Gillian

Crabbe, George

Cullen, Countee

Daniels, Jim

DeFrees, Madeline

Dickinson, Emily

Doty, Mark

Dove, Rita

Dugan, Alan

Eberhart, Richard

Ekelöf, Gunnar

Haines, John


Halliday, Mark

Hayden, Robert

Hikmet, Nazim

Hopkins, Gerard Manley

Hotchkiss, Bill

Hughes, Langston

Hugo, Richard

Jarrell, Randall

Jeffers, Robinson

Jensen, Laura

Keats, John

Levertov, Denise

Lorca, Federico García

Machado, Antonio

Marvell, Andrew

Montale, Eugenio

Neruda, Pablo

Putnam, C.E.

Rexroth, Kenneth


Sanchez, Sonja

Shapiro, Karl

Simic, Charles

Snyder, Gary

Spender, Stephen

Stafford, William

Stubbs, Andrew

Swenson, May

Tranströmer, Tomas

Weyant, Karen

Yevtushenko, Yevgeny


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